I hated porn,
but I couldn't
stop using it...

I loved Jesus
& hated porn,
but I couldn't
stop using it...

Hi. My name is Drew Boa.


As a boy, I "fought for purity"
with limited results.


I was able to resist porn
for longer periods of time...


But in the end I still relapsed.
I felt frustrated and exhausted. 


My type of porn felt too powerful.
And I still had no idea WHY...


Eventually, something clicked.
I realized porn was my pacifier.


From that day on, fantasies
began to lose their power.


I learned how to heal.


That was 7 years ago...

Since then I've enjoyed complete freedom from porn, and now I help guys like you get those same results!

That's why Husband Material exists:

so you can stop fighting the battle

and enjoy sexuality...without porn.

That's why Husband Material exists: so you can stop fighting the battle and enjoy your sexuality without porn.

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Meet The Team:

Drew Boa

Founder & Head Coach

Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional (PSAP)

M.A. in Christian Formation & Ministry (Wheaton College)

Certified Inner Child Recovery Specialist

Certified Unwanted Guide

Immanuel Approach Facilitator

Brainspotting Practitioner

About Drew

Dr. Doug Carpenter

Clinical Advisor &
Certified Husband Material Coach

Henry Brown

Director Of Operations & Support

Rich Savoy

Director Of HMA Small Groups

Dean Kirby

Video & Podcast Editor and Content Manager

Andrew Loyd

Certified Husband Material Coach

John Kilmer

Certified Husband Material Coach

Jordan Castille

Certified Husband Material Coach

Juan Mejia

Certified Husband Material Coach

Marcus Spaur

Certified Husband Material Coach

Mike Chapman

Certified Husband Material Coach

Rick Carlson

Certified Husband Material Coach

Rocky Pisor

Certified Husband Material Coach

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