Enjoy Beauty & Brotherhood

Join Husband Material men in Colorado!
September 6-10, 2024


Enjoy Beauty & Brotherhood

Join us in Colorado!
September 6-10, 2024


Retreat Details:

One unforgettable weekend enjoying beauty and brotherhood through embodied healing and redemptive experiences.

September 6th-10th, 2024

Ponderosa Retreat & Conference Center
15235 S Furrow Rd
Larkspur, CO

1 hour drive from Denver Airport
45 minute drive from Colorado Springs Airport

Before Aug 6: $850
After Aug 6: $900





What Men Said Last Year: 

"Wow. Many experiences during the healing retreat were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before: powerful, embodied, therapeutic, and redemptive." —Andy

"God gave me the opportunity to receive healing and enjoy a beautiful brotherhood." —Waner

"I feel seen, loved, affirmed, and through the psychodrama, I feel emboldened and less fearful of women." —Justin

"I only knew one man but now I have dozens of new brothers who are on this journey with me." —Gill

"I can wholeheartedly say that I've made friends from the retreat that will probably last a lifetime. I believe that the love I experienced and continue to experience has put me in good stead for the rest of my healing journey." —Justin

"I arrived at the retreat feeling shy and fearful of in-person vulnerability. I left feeling a sense of gratitude for my HM friends and new direction in my life." —Austin

"It provided the desperately needed space to feel unconditionally loved & supported exactly where I was, which dislodges big emotions within me & brings me to tears even while I type this!" —Jeremiah

"I received what my soul desperately needed--masculine love and acceptance!" —Joseph

"Prior to the retreat I had lost a lot of my hope for living in victory and through my identity in Christ. After this experience, I only have hope! The retreat offered me the opportunity to do a reset along with so many new brothers who are now walking alongside me." —Darrin

"I almost didn’t go to the retreat because I felt too busy and pressured in a business deal. But my heart was hurting so I decided to fly across the country to find more healing. It was powerfully restorative to be surrounded by beautiful men whose commitment to curiosity, compassion, and confidentiality allowed them to give and receive love."—Keith

"I feel so much more free, more hope-filled, and joyful. It’s only been a week, but I really do feel like there has been a shift! Thank you Jesus!" —Chris

"I'm so glad I came because I felt refreshed, renewed in my purpose, (and emotionally taxed haha) after the retreat. I connected with a spectrum of men and I didn't allow our different experiences to prevent us from connecting." —Nathaniel

"I shared deep and vulnerable conversations with other men. I received affirmation where I needed it." —Keith

"I was not disappointed. That place, the people, the Lord - wow, what a combination! I came away changed, once again." —Russ

"Before the retreat I was plagued with an overwhelming sense of sadness that I could ignore for a while, but never escape. During the retreat I was able to access my suppressed, righteous anger, experience it and direct it for good." —Scott

"The retreat was life changing. I learned so much about my own heart from both highs and lows." —Tamim

"Extraordinary. It was a great time of connection and stories." —Rocky

"I had given up hope for my recovery story. Now, shame is lifted and I am more motivated than I can ever remember being to pursue healing." —Jon

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was one of the most spiritual and healing experiences I’ve ever experienced." —Wesley

"The workshops, food, and men were amazing. It really made me feel comfortable looking around and hearing people’s stories and realizing that I wasn’t alone" —Tyler

"I was feeling stuck before the retreat. Afterwards, I felt unstuck because of the amazing workshops and friends I met." —Nicholas

"I was very anxious and nervous about going. But I’m so glad I went. I made a lot of friends and learned so much." —Peter

"Coming off of a horrible relapse, it was unclear if my wife and I were going to part ways. I was carrying deep shame and self contempt to the retreat. All the shame and hopelessness was left behind. As I write these words, pondering on my retreat experience, tears are welling up again. Thank you Jesus!" —Ray


Retreat Schedule:

Friday morning: Arrive early to play games like archery tag and eat lunch together (optional pre-retreat).

Friday afternoon: All participants arrive and check in at Ponderosa Retreat & Conference Center.

Friday evening: Welcome, opening remarks, large group warm-up, and campfire.

Early Saturday morning: Optional 1.5 mile hike to the cross and sunrise viewing.

Saturday morning: Breakout sessions with professional coaches & clinicians.

Saturday afternoon: Breakout sessions with professional coaches & clinicians.

Saturday evening: Blacklight dodgeball and late night storytelling.

Sunday morning: Worship service (singing, sermon, communion, and healing prayer). 

Sunday afternoon & evening: Free time! Explore all that Colorado Springs and Denver have to offer, including...

Monday morning: Experiential group therapy exercises.

Monday afternoon: Decompress with a dance party or quiet reflection: your choice.

Monday evening: Final feast & celebration, words of affirmation, hugs, and saying goodbye.

Tuesday morning: All participants depart.


This year's breakout sessions are still being finalized.

(Stay tuned for a list of the embodied healing workshops we will be offering)

Retreat Center:


Come away with us...

Your Hosts:
Drew & Rebecca Boa

👨🏼 Drew
Founder of Husband Material

👩🏻‍🦰  Rebecca
2024 Retreat Coordinator

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