Making Sense Of Masturbation: Case Studies And Spicy Questions (LIVE)

live episodes Jun 26, 2023


Can masturbation ever be neutral or healthy? In this episode, I'll explore complex moral questions about masturbation. Together with a live audience, we'll analyze 10 situations you may have never considered before:

  • A toddler touches his penis to feel pleasure

  • A young boy learns to masturbate from his uncle

  • A teenager masturbates to regulate his emotions

  • A teenager masturbates while imagining a cheeseburger

  • A single man committed to celibacy discovers "core-gasm"

  • A single man who has never masturbated escapes purity culture

  • A man masturbates without lust to try to wean himself off of porn

  • A married man masturbates without his wife's knowledge or consent

  • A man getting a vasectomy masturbates to obey his doctor's orders

  • An elderly man massages his penis to warm up for sex with his wife

  • A married man masturbates to connect with his disabled wife


You'll also hear insights about how to talk with children about masturbation, how to stop masturbating, and more.

Regardless of your particular view, this thought-provoking conversation will leave you with more curiosity, more compassion, less confusion, and less shame. Listen! You won't regret it.


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