Is Covenant Eyes "Shameware"?

quick tips Oct 17, 2022


Anti-porn accountability software has come under scrutiny after an article in WIRED Magazine described Covenant Eyes as "shameware" and "just another way the church controls you.” In this episode, you'll hear what's going on, what I think about accountability software, and how to decide if it's right for you.

Article in WIRED Magazine: The Ungodly Surveillance of Anti-Porn ‘Shameware’ Apps

My top recommendation for accountability software: Covenant Eyes

For those of you who use accountability software:
“If your CovenantEyes or Accountable2You apps are acting funny as of late, there is a very likely reason! Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You were removed from the Google Play Store, and there's a chance your services may have been disrupted. If that's the case, check your email for instructions they have sent to get your software active again and working (there is a workaround which may include reinstalling or activating from their websites). So far this has affected Android users. It's still unclear what repercussions this may have for iPhone/iOS users. So please be watchful. Stand strong, courageous men, and don't allow any software glitches to affect you on your journey to outgrow porn!” —Kolton Thomas, founder of Reclaimed Recovery


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