How Do I Help My Hurting Spouse? (with Dr. Eddie Capparucci)

interviews Dec 26, 2022


How can I help my partner heal? When she is "throwing rocks" at me, what can I do? In this episode, Dr. Eddie Capparucci shares 10 rules for healthy interaction with your grieving partner:

10 Rules:
1. No Explaining
2. No Surprises
3. Validation, Not Defensiveness
4. Don’t Wilt (Be Confident)
5. Don’t Let Your Inner Child Speak To Your Partner
6. See Her Pain
7. Walk Into The Fire
8. Communicate Before Going Out In Public
9. Own Your Impact, Not Just Your Intentions
10. Prepare Yourself Every Morning

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is an author and therapist who specializes in the treatment of sex and porn addiction. He's also the creator of the Inner Child Recovery Process (ICRP).

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Why Men Struggle To Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots

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