How Childhood Experiences Shape Sexual Development (with Drew, Doug, Eddie, and Matt)

interviews May 27, 2024


What's the point of processing childhood experiences? In this special episode recorded live at the Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit, Drew, Doug, Eddie, and Matt share insights and stories about how processing childhood experiences can help you outgrow porn.

Drew Boa (MA, PSAP) a Certified Unwanted Guide and Inner Child Recovery Specialist. Drew is the founder of Husband Material, where he helps men outgrow porn. Learn more at

Dr. Doug Carpenter is a clinical psychologist and the co-owner of Insight Counseling Services in Rochester, Michigan. He's the author of "Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male."

Eddie Capparucci is a Christian therapist who specializes in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. He's the creator of the Inner Child Recovery Process (ICRP) and the author of "Going Deeper: How The Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction."

Matt Wenger is the clinical director of Boulder Recovery, a 14-day intensive for men struggling with sex, porn, and relationship issues and their impact on faith. The program uses the TINSA treatment model (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction) to heal the traumatic experiences and attachment wounds driving addictive behaviors and problematic thinking around sex and intimacy.


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