Healing Through Artwork and Storywork (with Philip Leach and John Kilmer)

interviews Jan 08, 2024


What happens when you combine story work, artwork, and Jesus? Witness powerful healing in this live demonstration of HMA Coaching! As Drew shares a story of difficulty, chalk artisan Philip Leach creates a visual representation while coach John Kilmer offers attunement. Then we invite Jesus into the story and watch the chalk art change. The result is jaw-droppingly beautiful and incredibly meaningful.

Philip Leach is a worshipper and friend of Jesus who enjoys expressing creativity and building joyful connection through snow sculpting, Immanuel Doodling, deliberate appreciation, and facilitating times of quiet listening and art. His journey has included lots of hand-painted pottery as well as two decades of presenting “chalk talks”. His primary passion is joining other men in breaking free from anything that’s keeping us from enjoying life, and then practicing skills to move forward powered by Joy.

John Kilmer is a Mental Health Life Coach, Occupational Therapist, and Certified Husband Material Coach. He's a grateful follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about men's inner healing work. Learn more about John at

This type of experience is now being offered every week inside Husband Material Academy (HMA). The doors to HMA are currently open! Join now before the doors close on January 14 at


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