Habits That Heal (with Shawn Bonneteau)

interviews Jan 09, 2023


What habits are most helpful for healing and outgrowing porn? In this episode, Shawn Bonneteau presents a beautiful menu of ideas to transform habits without pressure, perfectionism, or "shoulding" all over yourself in 2023.

Shawn Bonneteau is a Christian pornography recovery coach and podcast host at Secret Habit. After quitting porn in the summer of 2017, he has spent his life pursuing God's call to transform relationships through coaching men to find freedom from porn. Shawn is a certified Husband Material coach, certified sexual addictions mentor and an inner child recovery specialist. He spends the majority of his time coaching men all over the globe in both 1-on-1 and group settings. He has a deep passion for speaking and has had the privilege to share with tens of thousands of men and women on the topics of porn addiction, masturbation and erectile dysfunction over the past 4 years. Shawn lives in Halifax, Canada with his wife Helena and daughter Violet. In his spare time he loves to watch hockey, play the drums and watch a good mindbender from Christopher Nolan.

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