Dr. Cameron Staley

interviews Jul 27, 2020




Downoad Meditation


Dr. Cameron Staley is a clinical psychologist, porn researcher, and the creator of Life After Pornography, an online program proven to reduce unwanted pornography viewing in adults. Cameron specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an effective treatment for reducing unwanted porn viewing.

In his TEDx talk Changing the Narrative Around the Addiction Story, Cameron shares details from his research and counseling experience regarding helpful ways to talk about sexuality and how to effectively reduce unwanted pornography viewing through mindfulness.

I'm also excited to share Cameron's podcast on mental health and pornography, which you can find here.


"We turn to pornography because it helps us turn down the volume of emotions. But it doesn't just turn down stress and loneliness; it turns down happiness and joy. And the Holy Spirit often communicates through emotions, so if we turn them down, we're less likely to receive the inspiration and personal revelations we so desperately need to continue our walk with Christ."

- Dr. Cameron Staley


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