Bent On Men, Part 1 (with Harrison Bly)

interviews Aug 22, 2022


What does it look like to untangle unwanted same-sex attraction toward men? Harrison Bly grew up "too gay to be Christian, too Christian to be gay." In this episode, Harrison shares vulnerable stories from boyhood that shed light on why and how he sexualized masculinity.

Harrison Bly writes with a firm and unusual resolve about male sexuality. He uses story as a way to make sense of taboo subjects that are often over-simplified and misunderstood. Secretly gay in a conservative Christian world, Harrison compromised authenticity only to find shallow acceptance. On the crooked path to manhood, Harrison fumbled in the dark between ideologies on faith and homosexuality that failed to acknowledge his deepest wounds and longings. But through unplanned and unlikely relationships, Harrison discovered the transforming power of male love that reframed his obsessions, cravings, and curiosities, challenging everything he had come to accept about his masculinity and sexuality.

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Bent On Men: A Memoir On Taboo Feelings, Fraternal Curiosity, And Faith

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