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Do you feel trapped in the cycle of shame and pornography?

You're not alone, and it's certainly not your final chapter. Starting today, you can break free from the power of porn with our unique, Christ-centered approach that goes beyond mere resistance – it's about true transformation and healing from within.


This community has asked me the necessary questions and given me the encouragement to experience healing and victory like I've never had from anywhere else.

Thank you for creating this group. Helped change my life. Not sure if you've seen my posts. But I struggled with SSA porn and jerking off for over 29 years. Your community you helped create at God's leading has given me the support, encouragement, and therapy to stay sober since July this year.

This group has definitely helped me reach a level of transparency and honesty I haven't seen in any other place (outside of therapy). Also, Drew and this group introduced me to the idea of learning how to be curious about the particulars of my struggles with porn, which has opened huge doors for personal healing and recovery. All in all, joining this group was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020.

Finally a place to be completely honest and vulnerable without judgment. I have grown in my ability to love myself and others well, even as I journey through my own brokenness and heal completely, not just partially. Men need men. This place is beautiful and I cannot be more grateful to have found it!

After wandering in the desert of loneliness, self-hatred and feeling like I don’t exist to anyone, I began to risk developing genuine brotherhood. God brought me to my city, my people, my tribe: the Husband Material Community! I belong!

The Husband Material Community is so much better than any social media platform I'm familiar with. In the 5 days I've been a part of this community, I have received love and encouragement and had the opportunity to share more compassion than any other digital platform I've ever been a part of.

Imagine a life where porn no longer has a hold on you.

Image a life where your relationships, faith, mental health, and physical well-being flourish so that you can step into all that God has called you to be in this life. This isn't just a dream – it's what awaits you on this journey.

Join over 4,000 Christian men who have found renewed hope, deeper connection, and greater freedom from pornography.


Meet Your Coach and Community Host:

Drew Boa

Guided by years of experience in treating porn addiction and a deep understanding of the Christian faith, Drew Boa leads the team at Husband Material. Drew is the author of Redeemed Sexuality and multiple eBooks. His growing podcast has received over 500k downloads. As a Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional, Drew has crafted a comprehensive approach to not just 'fight' porn, but to outgrow its need, heal your heart, and restore your relationships.

Drew and the team have a mission - to help you achieve lasting freedom - without fighting a frustrating, exhausting battle.

Your journey to healing and freedom starts here. Claim your Free Bundle and join a brotherhood committed to growth and faith!


Our Free Bundle Will Help You:


Understand the deeper reasons behind your struggle with porn and how to overcome them.


Learn practical, research-based strategies to renew your mind and spirit.


Gain powerful insights on how to maintain momentum and prevent relapse.


Connect with a supportive community of like-minded men on the same journey.

See the powerful transformations firsthand.

Hear from men who've reclaimed their lives, relationships, and faith. Their stories are not just testimonials; they're beacons of hope and proof of what's possible.

  As a child, I was molested by uncles and older boys. I'm no longer re-enacting the abuse that I suffered… I've been sober for a year and four months. If you would've told me that that was possible a year and two months ago, I would've laughed at you and said, that's not possible. But it is true.  


  Last week I posted on the app and asked for prayer about a temptation I was feeling… it was amazing. I got a response on the app, on Marco Polo, on WhatsApp, someone gave me a call, I had someone meet me in person. I have never experienced anything like this in my life until I joined Husband Material.  


  My dear friend and colleague Drew Boa has assisted thousands of men in their journey through the Husband Material Community. Please take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your recovery by becoming part of the Husband Material family. You will be blessed for it.  

—Dr. Eddie Capparucci<

Here’s what you’ll get in the Free Bundle:

90-Minute Video Training
Outgrow Porn Masterclass

A comprehensive video that reveals the most powerful way to achieve lasting freedom from porn, helping you understand and overcome pornography in a way that aligns with your faith and values.

How To Outgrow Porn
Freedom Made Simple (eBook)

A 60-Page eBook diving deep into the myths of purity culture, revealing the little-known secret to reframe your sexual fantasies, and sharing strategies to maintain freedom without external controls.

21-Day Freedom from Porn
Online Course

Giving you daily motivation and practical steps to build momentum in your journey towards freedom.

To add even more value to this FREE package, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I also want to include access to our community:


Get access to our private group where you can share your journey, challenges, and victories with peers who truly understand you. Join over 4,000 Christian men who are on the same transformative journey, offering support, sharing insights, and growing together...

This entire bundle is COMPLETELY FREE.

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