Healing From Sexual Abuse

Video Course for Christian Men
with Dr. Doug Carpenter


Healing From Sexual Abuse

Video Course for Christian Men
with Dr. Doug Carpenter


You Were A Victim.

Now You're A Survivor.

Become A Thriver.


“Suddenly 40 years of trying to understand my sexuality became clear. Profound impact that I can hardly articulate.”



"The insights gained through this course have opened doors to new awareness, new beliefs, and greater healing."


What You'll Learn:


Session 1:
Breaking The Silence

  • What every survivor of sexual abuse needs to hear
  • 36 reasons why men don't talk about sexual abuse
  • How to face your abuse without being overwhelmed
  • Meet your small group (5 participants + 1 leader)

Session 2 & Session 3:
From Victim To Survivor

  • Why sexual arousal does not mean you liked it
  • How to stop the cycle of self-blame and toxic shame 
  • 8 ways sexual abuse might be impacting you today
  • Learn the #1 most powerful healthy coping skill

Session 4:
Becoming A Thriver

  • Discover 3 models of healing from sexual abuse
  • Create a plan for your healing journey as a thriver
  • Find your voice and speak the truth of your story

BONUS: Post-Retreat Q&A Session


Your Guide: Dr. Doug Carpenter

Doug Carpenter is the author of Secret Shame: A Survivor's Guide To Understanding Male Sexual Abuse & Male Sexual Development and Childhood Trauma & The Non-Alpha Male. Doug is a clinical psychologist and the co-owner of Insight Counseling Services in Rochester, Michigan. Doug is also a survivor of sexual abuse.

Your Host: Drew Boa

Drew Boa is an author, podcaster, and coach who helps Christian men achieve lasting freedom from pornography. He is the founder of Husband Material Academy and the author of Redeemed Sexuality. Drew is also a survivor of sexual abuse.

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Video Course for Christian Men
with Dr. Doug Carpenter


  • Eye-Opening Research & Wisdom (5 Hours)
  • Healing From Sexual Abuse Guidebook (PDF)
  • Access To All Presentation Slides & Handouts
  • Forum For Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

This course is a recorded and edited version of the 2022 Husband Material Virtual Retreat, available for 80% off the original price of attending live.