Becoming Husband Material

Video Course For Christian Men
with Andrew Bauman & Drew Boa


Becoming Husband Material

Virtual Retreat For Christian Men
May 5-7, 2023


Want to be more mature?


This video course is for you.

You'll experience healing.

You'll grow in confidence and kindness.

You'll become an attuned, embodied man!

What You Will Do:

  • Explore your story, trauma, and shame
  • Work on reparenting your inner child
  • Become in tune with your male body
  • Process unresolved pain and loss
  • Practice empathy and attunement
  • Reclaim authentic masculine power
  • Choose strength, kindness, and courage
  • Give and receive words of affirmation

Course Details:

Session 1:
Common. Struggles For Men
(1 hour 17 minutes)

Session 2:
Reparenting Your Inner Child
(1 hour 30 minutes)

Session 3:
Embracing Storied Embodiment
(57 minutes)

Session 4:
Co-Creating Sex, Intimacy, & Connection
(1 hour 45 minutes)

Your Guide: Andrew Bauman

Andrew Bauman is founder & director of the Christian Counseling Center: For Sexual Health & Trauma. He is a licensed mental health counselor and the author of many books, including The Sexually Healthy Man and The Psychology of Porn. Andrew is passionate about honoring women and fighting for the hearts of men.

Your Host: Drew Boa

Drew Boa is founder of Husband Material, where he helps Christian men achieve lasting freedom from pornography. He is also the author of Redeemed Sexuality. Drew is passionate about becoming sexually and emotionally mature.

What Men Have Been Saying:

"I discovered things from my childhood that I had no idea that happened or affected me. I learned about tools to become a better man every day."


"I understand more about myself. The information was incredible and delivered with compassion—an amazing balance of clinical and spiritual advice."


"This experience is life changing for me... I would have never dreamed that God would move in such a mighty way, releasing me from years of pain."


Becoming Husband Material

Video Course For Christian Men

  • 5 Hours Teaching by Andrew Bauman
  • 1 Hour Teaching by Christy Bauman
  • "Becoming Husband Material" PDF Guide