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Healing From Sexual Abuse

Healing From Sexual Abuse

You were a victim.
Now you're a survivor.
Become a thriver.

This video course is a recorded and edited version of the 2022 Husband Material Virtual Retreat, available for 80% off the original price of attending live. What's included?

  • Powerful Presentations by Dr. Doug Carpenter (5 hrs)
  • Healing From Sexual Abuse Guidebook & Recommended Resources (PDF Document) 
  • Private Forum for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Terms And Conditions:

This course is provided by Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa. Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa provide “life coaching” with no guarantees of any manner. Any information provided shall only be construed as coaching and shall not be construed to be licensed mental health services. Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa are not liable for any advice provided.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement: Participants must agree to not give away, sell, post, or otherwise distribute the curriculum, tools, and techniques taught at this event. Doing so amounts to infringement of copyrighted material which is a violation of the law. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to protect the training you receive as intellectual property belonging to Doug Carpenter and/or Drew Boa.

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I realized that I had diminished my childhood experiences for more than four decades, because I judged them to be so much less traumatic than what others experienced... The insights gained through this course have opened doors to new awareness, new beliefs, and greater healing.


Suddenly 40 years of trying to understand my sexuality became clear. Profound impact that I can hardly articulate. This experience is life changing for me... I would have never dreamed that God would move in such a mighty way, releasing me from years of pain. I felt like I had been plucked from a dark, cold, suffocating, murky pond and placed in the bright warm sunshine where I could breathe fresh air and see clearly for miles.


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