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Husband Material Academy (BONUS)

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This special offer ends on Sunday 1/8/2023.

What you'll get:

  • HMA Video Course (32 Lessons)
  • HMA Coaching Calls (6 Per Week)
  • HMA Student Center & S.O.S.
  • Bonus #1: Healing The Inner Child
  • Bonus #2: Healing From Sexual Abuse
  • Bonus #3: The Porn Free Man 2023 Recordings

Join HMA, the all-in-one solution for Christian men outgrowing porn. HMA empowers you to change your brain, heal your heart, and save your relationship by achieving lasting freedom from porn… while making the journey more fun and enjoyable than you thought possible.

Terms And Conditions:

Husband Material Academy (HMA) is an online program provided by Husband Material LLC, a California limited liability company.

Access to HMA is exclusively reserved for HMA students who are currently enrolled in a monthly, yearly, or lifetime access HMA plan. An individual plan must be purchased for each individual student. All HMA fees are nonrefundable. HMA is a subscription service which means your enrollment will be billed according to your plan cycle and you will continue to be billed each cycle until you cancel your subscription.

Students may not share any part of HMA without the express written consent of Husband Material LLC, (for example: videos, worksheets, community posts, and live or recorded coaching calls). 

In order for HMA to be a safe and supportive community for men, it is limited to men only (age 18 or older) who do not have any pending or current criminal legal action against them for a sexually related or violent crime.

Husband Material LLC, HMA, and Drew Boa provide “life coaching” with no guarantees of any manner. Any information provided by either of the above parties shall only be construed as coaching and shall not be construed to be licensed mental health services.  Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa are not liable for any advice provided. Coaches are not state-licensed counselors, therapists, or other mental health professionals. Although coaches adhere to a similar code of ethics and conduct as licensed mental health professionals, coaches are not governed by those same state licensing authorities. 

While coaching can help students identify and reach life goals, it does not address mental illness issues(such as depression or anxiety). If you are facing issues like these, seek medical attention from a physician or a mental health professional in your area.

All HMA coaches and guest coaches are obligated to take protective action in certain circumstances in order to prevent harm, which may involve breaking confidentiality. Coaches are mandatory reporters who must adhere to federal, state and/or local laws that require coaches to report current, ongoing illegal activity of which they become aware (such as sexual abuse, child abuse, rape, murder, and accessing child pornography). Consequences for communicating this type of information may include reports to the proper authorities: police, suicide prevention units, or children’s protective agencies, adult protective services, as well as to any potential victims. Before you disclose any potentially illegal activity, please contact an attorney to determine your legal exposure in doing so.

By enrolling in HMA, you agree to give Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa permission to send you administrative and marketing emails from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

You also agree to release Drew Boa (and all other associated coaches and guest coaches) from all liability related to any advice or guidance given, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the use of books, worksheets, videos, podcasts, and other resources. You also agree to release Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa from liability for outcomes including but not limited to separation, divorce, suicide, financial loss, or any criminal activity that might have occurred before, during, or after you joined HMA.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: You agree to not give away, sell, post, or otherwise distribute the curriculum, tools, and techniques you learn in HMA. Doing so amounts to infringement of copyrighted material which is a violation of the law. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to protect the training you receive through HMA as intellectual property belonging to Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa.  

In order to maintain your participation in Husband Material Academy, you must uphold all of the following Commitments:

  1. Confidentiality: I will keep all personal information shared by other students and coaches completely private within HMA. Whenever I attend a coaching call, I will ensure that no one else around me can see or hear what is being shared. I understand that if I break confidentiality, I may be removed from HMA and my account may be closed. I understand that confidentiality and safety cannot be absolutely guaranteed in HMA. By participating in HMA, I choose to assume a certain amount of risk whenever sharing personal information.
  2. Consistency: I understand that HMA is available to enrolled students only. I will not attend HMA coaching calls if I am not actively enrolled on a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan. If I do attend while not enrolled, I will pay HMA the corresponding fees.
  3. Communication: Inside and outside of HMA, I will not behave or communicate with any HMA student or coach in a sexually intimate or inappropriate way. I understand that if I intentionally do this, I will be removed from HMA and my account will be closed. If necessary, I will work with the HMA team to ensure my communication is helpful and not harmful to others. I will not use HMA as a platform for any kind of promotion (apart from a pre-arranged partnership with Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa).
  4. Compassion: In all my interactions within HMA, I will conduct myself with "compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience" (Colossians 3:12). I will not criticize anyone, including myself. I will not attempt to advise other students unless they specifically ask for it. I will celebrate and verbally affirm others whenever appropriate.
  5. Curiosity: I will maintain a posture of curiosity and non-judgmental observation. I will listen to myself and other HMA students with careful attention. I am here to learn.
  6. Courage: I will not avoid conflict. I will promptly report any concerns, problems, or possible conflicts pertaining to HMA. I will not ignore or conceal any conflict that comes up within myself, with others, and with HMA as a program. Instead, I will embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth. If I ever feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or "weird" in any way while communicating with any HMA student or coach, I will report my concern immediately to an HMA leader.

NOTE: By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to hold Husband Material LLC and Drew Boa harmless in the delivery of all products and services related to HMA.

What Men Are Saying:

"HMA is exactly what I needed!!! I have never seen men show this level of emotions! I am beyond amazed that this is possible! The community aspect of this group of men is remarkable. I love how much grace has been extended to me! It is finally safe to cry!!! Thank you everyone for being truly real men!"


"Without HMA, there was no way. I did not have the tools to process my pain, my abuse, my trauma, and receive healing way, way, way deep inside...I've been sober for a year and four months. If you would've told me that that was possible a year and two months ago, I would've laughed at you and said, that's not possible. But it is true."


"I feel so much healthier...like a whole, complete human being. Someone who is in touch with their emotions. I feel light and free and able to have open, honest, vulnerable relationships with people in my life. I feel more present with people. I'm more of a vessel for God to use me, because this thing isn't in control of my life anymore. There's so much freedom. Intimacy with Christ has grown."


"Once I started HMA work, I've seen more growth in myself than the 5 years of militaristic accountability groups."


"Husband Material Academy, developed by Drew Boa, is the most innovative and effective program for overcoming pornography I have encountered in my 25 years as a clinical psychologist."

Dr. Doug Carpenter

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