We Help Men Outgrow Pornography.

Change your brain,
heal your heart,
and save your

We believe porn is a pacifier.
We're here to help you outgrow it.


Meet The Team:

Mackenzie Williams

Visual Designer

Hi, I'm Mackenzie! My husband went through Husband Material Coaching and our marriage is free from porn. I'm part of the Husband Material team so I can see other couples have this freedom as well.

Fun fact: I live in Nebraska (yes there are people there) and love making things with my hands.


Joshua Brummel

Marketing Strategist

Hi, I'm Joshua! After working with Drew Boa for a time and growing into someone free from porn, I offered marketing and strategy services to help Husband Material impact people just like me.

Fun fact: I live in Chicago with my wife Laurel, and you can often find me wandering in the Lego aisle at Target.

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